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Volunteers Without Boundaries
Mission Statement

Volunteers Without Boundaries is a 501 (c) (3) founded to provide an avenue of caring and sharing so that students and others would have a chance to help People and animals in need while also learning about culture, language, and social issues worldwide. Volunteers Without Boundaries, in collaboration with communities overseas is able to assist all living creatures abroad with logistics, supplies, financial resources and "the opportunity of a lifetime," for individuals interested in joining. We firmly believe that caring, sharing, and learning is a two way street.

Pay it Forward...some ideas for you

Make a $25.00 donation and schedule a 30 minute phone interview regarding health care, cultural diversity, volunteerism and more.

Stories From The Field

marynboyThree years ago in a small Ugandan village women and children had to walk a long way up the mountain to get water which trickled out of the ground at a rate of 40 minutes to fill a five gallon jerry can…Imagine how long it would take to provide water to the whole village… but they were doing something about it and with the help of a local volunteer (engineer) called Yona who lived 40 minutes away by motor bike and the local villagers the community worked together to connect three trickling wells and direct them to one area. They cleared trees, dug trenches, laid stone and then called upon Volunteers Without Boundaries to help. We began working right away and by June 2011 have completed phase one and two of the safe water project.

Phase three of the safe water project forward in Uganda in 2012.

2011 NNW bookMary Lightfine is a seasoned Emergency Room nurse, toughened by many years of saving lives in some of America's busiest ER's. But in 1992 she faces her greatest challenge. Mary uproots her life and plants herself in the middle of Mogadishu, Somalia during a time of violent anarchy and civil unrest. She naively believes her experience qualifies her to treat masses of starved, maimed, and dying patients while bombs and machine-gunfire rip through the air just outside the shattered windows of Digfer Hospital. In the end it is Somalia that gives Mary the education of a lifetime. Buy This Book

Nurses, Nomads, And Warlords was hard to put down. I enjoyed it tremendously. A light and humorous presentation of the harsh realities of war. A book well worth reading. Dr M. Richer, MD, World Health Organization (W.H.O.)

karanacostaDOGSATDOORKara Mayfield changed her major after volunteering in Mexico. Find out why...

Paul Rooy and Mary Lightfine piloted an aircraft based in New Smyrna Beach Airport to rescue dogs and cats from a small island in the West Indies...full story. Domino's first week in the USA...Domino's story. Slide show of animal rescue.

shanybebeAfter four weeks of volunteering abroad Shannon not only learned a new language but she also earned college credit and was accepted into Medical School.....more

mithaiMithai was our first volunteer in Kasese, Uganda where she learned about the local health system, treated Malaria, got ants in her pants, and found out how to navigate the dangerous Nile more of Mithai's story


Domino, a two-year-old male "potcake dog," who has never seen grass or even a big truck, arrives in the USA to live with Jack and Kate, two unfamiliar dogs to him. What are his secrets for getting along? Read more

Paul Rooy Paul Rooy: Co-Founder
1956 to 2013 RIP